Duty Free Holding International is a holding organization and describes no independent legal status, but an established practice in the organizational form of the parent company of affiliated companies.

DFHI started its first operations in 1990, in Belarus and has maintained a good rate of development since then.

DFHI offers international travelers a way to save money on a diverse array of merchandise, starting with top branded perfumes and cosmetics products; to a countless assortment of spirits, cigarettes, sweets, luxury clothing brands, electronics and a great collection of accessories.  


With operations in more than 12 countries and over 25 years experience of serving the travelling customer, in all sales channels- border shops, airports, on ferries, downtown, Ship Chandler and Diplomatic shops too. DFHI’s principal of providing travelers with a first class duty free retail experience in a shopper-friendly environment, excellent prices and a diverse range of products, is still our most valued one today.

Going forward, DFHI will further expand, enhance and provide extra support to its existing members by continuously opening new image stores in lucrative regions with great prices and services.